Apple to Assemble Mac Computers in the USA, CEO Tim Cook Says

Posted on: December 6th, 2012 by ABC News No Comments

Apple(CUPERTINO, Calif.) — Apple looks like it might be ready to announce it’s going to start making one if its computers in the United States, confirming rumors that some of its products might soon be marked “assembled in the USA.”

Apple’s been under fire for outsourcing its manufacturing — especially to China where several workers at plants run by Foxconn committed suicide.  Despite rough working conditions, earlier this year ABC’s Bill Weir found people lining up for jobs there, hoping to land a starting salary of the promised $1.78 per hour.

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook says it wasn’t so much about money — American workers, he says, didn’t have the skills.  But now Cook appears ready to announce one yet-to-be-named line of Mac computers will be made in the USA starting next year.

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