Porter County Sheriff’s Office investigating BB gun incident

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On Friday April 22nd officers with the Porter County Sheriff’s Office were dispatched to a residence in Salt Creek Commons, rural Union Township, for a battery report. It was reported by the mother of a 14 year old male, that while walking home. The juvenile was struck in the back of his left thigh with a BB gun by subjects in a passing vehicle. The juvenile’s injuries consisted of a welt and bruising. The suspect vehicle was subsequently located in the driveway of a nearby residence with the help of the subdivision’s Facebook page. Within a few hours, officers had made contact with each of the juveniles that were riding in the vehicle at the time of the incident, as well as spoke with their parents. One juvenile, a 17 year old male from Union Township was arrested for Battery A-Misdemeanor, Possession of Alcohol C-Misdemeanor and Consumption of Alcohol C-Misdemeanor after he registered a BAC of .05%. Also charged was a 17 year old male from Valparaiso, for Possession of Alcohol C-Misdemeanor. It is believed this incident may also be related to a vandalism to a school bus window which was struck by a BB in the same subdivision. The incident is still being investigated.

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