Student brings BB gun to South Central High School

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On Saturday May 14th the La Porte County Sheriff’s Office was contacted by administrators at South Central High School regarding information about a high school student that was alleged to have brought a weapon on the school campus. The preliminary investigation found that the student, who is a freshman at the school and on the baseball team, brought what was described as a BB gun (rifle) to practice with the intent to take it to a friend’s house after practice. The BB gun was never displayed and remained in a case after being placed in the press box. Once the head coach was notified, he in turn notified school administrators. A Deputy was able to speak with witnesses and interviewed the student and a parent. This was being done while the school conducted a concurrent investigation. Results of the investigation by the deputy are being forwarded to the La Porte County Prosecutor’s Office who will determine what if any state statutes were violated. The BB gun was never displayed, was never used in a threatening matter and at no time was anyone placed in danger. Indiana state statute prohibits firearms from being brought on school property, which is a Class A misdemeanor.


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