New Toll Rates

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ITR Concession Co., the operator of the Indiana Toll Road, announced that new toll rates will be in place on the Indiana Toll Road beginning July 1, 2016. Rates for Class 2 users (non-commercial 2-axle vehicles and motorcycles) with an E-ZPass-compatible transponder (including E-ZPass from Indiana, I-PASS from Illinois and E-ZPass from Ohio) are unchanged. Rates for Class 2 users without an electronic tolling transponder will change to $10.50 for a full 157- mile trip. This new rate represents a 30-cent increase from the July 2015 rate, or a 0.2-cent-per-mile increase – from 6.5 cents per mile to 6.7 cents per mile. Rates for Class 5 users (typical 5-axle semi) will adjust from $41 to $42 for a full-length trip, or from 26 cents per mile to 26.7 cents per mile. Visit for full rate schedules and information.

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