Two passengers on a roof and a driver on the bank of the river-UPDATE

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  At approximately 5:25 AM (CST) Tuesday the La Porte County Sheriff’s Office responded to the Kankakee River at US 6 ( this is approximately four miles west of Walkerton, Indiana ) regarding a vehicle that had crashed into the Kankakee River. Upon the arrival of sheriff’s deputies and the fire department they found two passengers on the roof of a vehicle and the driver on the bank of the river. A rope was utilized to aid one of the passengers to the shore while the second passenger was able to swim to shore. None of the vehicle’s occupants were injured.

 Investigation of the crash by Sheriff’s Deputy Keith Wilson found that the gold 2003 Chevrolet Impala was traveling westbound on US 6 just west of CR 550 E when it was forced to leave the roadway due to an oncoming vehicle in its lane. It was reported to be raining heavily at the time. The Chevrolet Impala traveled through a farm field before going over the embankment and into the Kankakee River. The vehicle floated approximately 50 yards down river before coming to rest on the bottom of the river. The Kankakee River is approximately six feet deep in the area where the vehicle came to rest.

Divers from the Sheriff’s SCUBA Team assisted a local towing service in securing the vehicle so that it could be removed from the river. The names of the driver and passenger are listed below; they were all from Michigan City, Indiana and had just left after working the midnight shift at a business in Walkerton, Indiana.

·        Driver: Austin Jenkins

·        Passenger: Taylor Dowdell

·        Passenger: Aspen Bush-Wilson

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