Two Juveniles Arrested After Disturbance Downtown

Posted on: June 22nd, 2016 by [email protected] No Comments

In Valparaiso on Tuesday night, police were called to investigate a battery which was reported to have occurred in the downtown area, near the Court House. Officers arrived and were directed to a possible victim a few blocks from the downtown square. Police met with a juvenile female victim and learned of a possible juvenile male suspect, 15yrs old. The male was identified and police began searching for the suspect in the downtown area. Police located the juvenile suspect. While police attempted to investigate the incident by speaking with the suspect, he became argumentative and began to yell profanities. Multiple individuals were standing in the area, including families and the male subject was asked to stop yelling profanities. He refused and continued to cause a disturbance. At one point the male subject removed his shirt and made an aggressive stance towards officers. Police then attempted to arrest the subject (Disorderly Conduct) but resisted police commands. At one point during the incident, the male subject spit on an officer. While police were attempting to handcuff the male subject a 17 year old female juvenile jumped on the back of another officer in an attempt to assist the male juvenile. The female was arrested and charged with resisting law enforcement. The male subject was arrested and charged with one count of battery against a police officer (felony), one count of battery using bodily fluids (felony) and one count of resisting law enforcement and disorderly conduct. One officer received minor injuries, which included a bite from the suspect, while attempting to arrest the suspect. Police continue to investigate the incident including the original battery complaint.

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