Be Aware Of Swimmers Itch

Posted on: June 29th, 2016 by [email protected] No Comments

The LaPorte County Health Department has received calls concerning “swimmers itch”. Reports have been from swimmers at Stone Lake, however swimmers of other inland lakes may also be affected. The symptoms are a prickling sensation with a discolored formation looking very similar to chicken pox. The symptoms usually occur within a few hours after swimming, however, they can appear two to three days later. The swimmer is most likely to come in contact with the larvae, which causes the reaction, in a weeded or muddy bottom area or in very shallow water. Usually one or two weeks of 80 degree plus weather will warm the lake waters sufficiently to complete the cycle of larvae that causes the itch, thus eliminating the problem the rest of the summer. However alternating warm and cool days may extend the period of time that the larvae organisms are active in the water. Swimmers may wish to temporarily avoid potentially effected lake waters until water temperatures have warmed sufficiently to reduce the larvae population.

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