New Law Regarding New Vehicles

Posted on: June 29th, 2016 by [email protected] No Comments

Beginning July 1st, a reinstated law will be added to the Indiana Code as a new section and states, “If, after an operator of a motor vehicle is involved in an accident, the operator’s motor vehicle comes to a stop in the traveled portion of the highway, the operator shall, as soon as safely possible, move the motor vehicle off the traveled portion of the highway and to a location as close to the accident as possible. However, the operator of the motor vehicle shall not move the motor vehicle if the accident involves the transportation of hazardous materials or results in the injury or death of a person or the entrapment of a person in a vehicle.” The previous law only applied to interstate highways. The reinstated law applies to all government maintained roadways. The law has been reinstated as a class “C” infraction. It was previously a misdemeanor.

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