Gov. Pence asks Hoosier advocacy groups to come together

Posted on: July 10th, 2016 by [email protected] No Comments

Following a meeting called by Governor Mike Pence on Friday, which included law enforcement and civil rights executive leaders in the Administration, the Governor directed the Indiana Civil Rights Commission and the Indiana State Police to reaffirm and continue their efforts through the Human Rights Offices and other advocacy groups around the state to engage Hoosiers, work toward meaningful solutions to the ails of society and safeguard our communities. “As we mourn with those who mourn, now is also a time for Hoosiers to humble ourselves and reflect on how each of us might build bridges of opportunity and hope in struggling communities across our state. To heal our land, we must stand with those who protect and serve and continue to reach out with generosity and compassion for those in need,” said Governor Pence.


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