Don’t Play Pokémon Go While Driving

Posted on: July 18th, 2016 by [email protected] No Comments

AAA Hoosier Motor Club is reminding motorists of the dangers associated with playing Pokémon Go while driving. The smartphone game, in which players search for animated characters superimposed on real-life images, has exploded in popularity during the last several days but is a very dangerous distraction for anyone attempting to play while operating a motor vehicle. “Trying to catch a Pokémon while behind the wheel dramatically increases your risk of being involved in a crash,” said Greg Seiter, public affairs manager for AAA Hoosier Motor Club. “Many people of all ages are enjoying Pokémon GO but it’s important to use common sense while playing,” Seiter said. “Pokémon GO is a game. Driving is NOT a game. AAA Hoosier Motor Club recommends that if you find yourself on a mobile Pokémon GO excursion, make sure passengers are the only ones glancing at the game screen and searching for characters. They can safely guide you throughout your adventure with audible instructions.

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