INDOT says lighting wire thieves are at it again

Posted on: September 2nd, 2016 by [email protected] No Comments

INDOT stated in a news release that lighting wire thieves are at it again on Indiana’s state highways. Back in 2014, with the cooperation of the Indiana State Police, INDOT and community members, wire theft was effectively stopped after arrests were made and preventative measures were enacted. Now, Indiana taxpayers are being ripped off again and highway safety is being compromised, all due to brazen metal scrapper thieves who are stealing the wiring from highway light poles. Criminals are getting away with thousands of feet of highway lighting wire and causing many thousands of dollars in damage. If you see something suspicious, please report it immediately to 911. Despite additional security measures, and the mortal danger presented by stealing live electrical wires, the thieves persist, especially along I-80/94 and Cline Avenue in Northwest Indiana. The result is darkened highways, threatening the safety of drivers, and a growing cost to Indiana taxpayers as INDOT crews replace missing wires to relight highways. INDOT-Logo-icon

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