ABC’s “GMA” Tries Popular Infomercial Products

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Spray Perfect | Simply Straight(NEW YORK) — Products advertised on TV often pledge to help streamline your daily routine but how well do they work in real life?

ABC’s Good Morning America tried out “As Seen on TV” products on live TV for a special series called “Buy It and Try It.”

We used two beauty-related products: Spray Perfect for nails and Simply Straight for hair.

Read below to see how the two products worked when used live on GMA.

Spray Perfect

Use: Spray Perfect is advertised as a spray-on nail polish that washes off.

How It Fared Live:

“I think that this got pretty good coverage on the nails themselves,” ABC News’ Becky Worley said after trying the product. However, “I definitely feel like it got more on my cuticles than I want,” she added.

“With anything, practice makes perfect, but you just have to be really careful with the base coat,” the company’s representative, Jackie Bloemker, explained.

Simply Straight

Use: Simply Straight is a heated straightening brush the manufacturer says will make straightening your hair a breeze.

How It Fared Live:

“It’s great. It’s absolutely combing through my hair like a breeze. It’s straight,” said the first model who tested the product.

“I am an utter curly hair fan. But the myth is that if you’re only curly you never love straight. But this is wonderful,” said the second model. “I have a very positive experience with this. I first tried it on low heat and now I turned the heat up a little bit more. It feels very soft and it slides right through.”

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