Why Meat Loaf Was "Upset" that Adam Lambert’s Playing His Rocky Horror Role: "I Thought He’d Blow Me Away!"

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Martin Hausler(NEW YORK) — Fox’s all-new musical production of The Rocky Horror Picture Show will air October 20.  Adam Lambert will play the part of Eddie in the new version, and Meat Loaf, who originated the role, admits he wasn’t thrilled initially with that casting. Not because he thought Adam would be bad — but because he thought he’d be too good.

In case you’ve never seen the movie, Eddie is a motorcycle-riding, lobotomized ex-delivery boy who’s killed by the transvestite alien Dr. Frank N. Furter. Before his death, he sings his big rock and roll number, “Hot Patootie.”  Meat Loaf tells ABC Radio he was dismayed when he learned who Fox had cast as Eddie.

“When I first heard it was Adam Lambert, I was really upset,” he tells ABC Radio. “Because anybody who can get up on stage with Queen and do the songs that Freddie Mercury did…I mean, Adam Lambert is one great singer.” 

Yes, believe it or not, Meat Loaf was afraid that Adam would be so great in the role that everyone would forget about him.

Meat Loaf laughs, “I thought he’d blow me away! I was going, ‘Ah, damn! Oh, man, come on! Why Adam Lambert!?’”

“So Lou Adler….the producer of Rocky Horror, sent me Adam’s version of ‘Hot Patootie,’” Meat Loaf says.  And after checking out the competition, the legendary singer says he felt a lot better about it. 

He laughs, “I listened to it and went, ‘Well, that is really, really good. But Adam, I’m sorry. I’m still number one!’”   

Even though he can’t be in the new production, Meat Loaf is plenty busy: his new album Braver than We Are, is out today. It’s a reunion with Jim Steinman, who wrote all the songs on Bat Out of Hell and Bat Out of Hell II

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