Slanted "View": Whoopi Goldberg Pokes Fun at Brad and Angelina Break-Up

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ABC(NEW YORK) — While the story has already generated a torrent of memes, headlines, and fan reaction, Whoopi Goldberg apparently couldn’t give a whoop about the bust-up of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s marriage. 

“Before we start… don’t laugh at me,” Goldberg opened Tuesday’s edition of The View, mock-crying. “Something has happened in the world I just feel so upset about…Just before we went on the air, some news broke…that after 12 years together, two years of marriage, and six children, Angelina and Brad are breaking up.”

The audience acted shocked, but Goldberg mocked the news — or at least having to cover it — on the ABC chat show. 

Some panelists, like new cast members Sarah Haines and Jedediah Bila, were more sympathetic.  The latter noted Pitt and Jolie really appeared to be “one of those couples” where “the hearts and minds met, too.” She added, “So when you see them crumble, you think, ‘Man, this can happen to anybody.” 

“People felt it was important that we bring this news to you,” Goldberg flatly, to laughs.

Joy Behar added, “Somebody said backstage, that if this had happened yesterday, terrorism wouldn’t be on the front page.”

“For a lotta folks, that’s probably true,” Whoopi responded.

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