Jeffrey Dean Morgan Thinks "Walking Dead" Fans Might Not Like Him Anymore After Premiere

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AMC/Gene Page(NEW YORK) — Actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who plays bat-wielding baddie Negan on The Walking Dead, became an instant fan favorite when it was announced months ago that he’d be playing the character on the blockbuster show. 

However, as fans get closer to discovering which hero Negan brained in the closing moments of season 6 — the victim was hidden as a cliffhanger — he says he feels the tide changing. 

Of course, getting flipped off by old ladies on the street is a pretty strong hint, too — which is what he explained happened recently in a chat with Entertainment Weekly

In a chat with Kelly Ripa and her Live with Kelly guest co-host, Star Trek series star Zachary Quinto, Morgan explained, “I think that there’s gonna be a little bit of a shift. I think I’m on my last legs of decent will, you know.”

However, Morgan, who broke hearts in The Good Wife before breaking heads in Walking Dead, also told Quinto, “At the same time, you know, you’ve done these roles: people are drawn to the darkness.” Quinto agreed. “They like the dark…[I]t’s sort of an escape,” he noted, with he and Morgan basically saying simultaneously, “people aren’t able to bash people over the head with a baseball bat in real life.” 

On Sunday, October 16, AMC will air a two-hour Walking Dead retrospective, a week before the series’ anticipated October 23 season seven premiere, when fans will learn who Negan dispatched — right off the bat. 

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