South Shore announces schedule changes

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The South Shore plans to implement several schedule changes on July 1 affecting 3 evening westbound trains and 6 eastbound trains, primarily in the rush hour. Eastbound: Train 15 is being renumbered as Train 17 and departs Millennium at 5:28p with changes to Train 15’s stopping pattern. Train 117 will depart Millennium at 5:24p serving Van Buren, Hegewisch, Hammond, East Chicago, Gary Metro, Miller, Dune Park, 11th & Carroll Ave. Train 217 will depart Millennium at 5:45p making all stops to Gary Metro. Trains 121 & 123 will depart Millennium at 9:10p and 11:10p respectively, making all previous stops. Westbound: Train 222 will depart Gary Metro at 7:30p and all stations west 36 minutes later, arriving in Chicago at 8:26p Train 22 will depart South Bend at 8:05p ET and all stations west up to 40 minutes earlier and all stops become “d” stops enabling the train to depart up to 4 minutes earlier than the timetable. Train 422 will depart South Bend at 9:40p EST Train 424 will depart South Bend at 11:30p EST Visit to view the entire proposed east and westbound weekday schedule and let the South Shore Line know your thoughts on this schedule change and what other changes you would like to see by sending an email May 2nd is the email deadline. 

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