"I’ll be ready" — Wesley Snipes is up for more Blade movies

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(NEW YORK) — While promoting his new supernatural thriller novel, Talon of God, ABC Radio asked Wesley Snipes about one of his most memorable characters — Blade, the vampire hunter born on the pages of Marvel Comics. 

Snipes played the titular hero three times, helping spark the current craze for comic adaptations. He tells us if Marvel Studios will have him, he’d be back in black.

“We’ve had some discussions, but nothing concrete for the moment,” the actor says. “We shall see. The Marvel Universe is continuing to grow, and I think that, yeah, when they’re ready, I’ll be ready.” 

Snipes things there’s more Blade story to be told.  “I don’t think that we accomplished what we could have accomplished, and we ended the series, the franchise, in an unsatisfactory way, for me,” he says.  “So I would like to go back and do it one more time to show what we’ve learned over the years and how much better we are. The first ones were experiments. Plus, there’s just so many people asking for it!

In the meantime,” he laughs, “We’re moving with Talon of God.” 

About the book, Snipes says, “You don’t see books situated in fantasy situated in the urban community, so this is something we…decided that we would put in Talon of God. We would situate the events in Chicago, and wrap that around this battle between good and evil forces, and maybe present it in a way that’s palatable and digestible by the youth in the streets as well as the ‘members of the congregation.'”

Co-written by Ray Norman, Talon of God centers on a pair of unlikely heroes who take on a sinister plan to keep society under the thumb of demonic possession. It’s on sale now.

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