Marlon Wayans praises "Marlon" co-star Essence Atkins and their longstanding chemistry

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NBC/Tyler Golden(NEW YORK) — Marlon Wayans feels right at home in his new NBC series, Marlon, which is loosely based on his life. Part of his comfort comes from the fact that he stars alongside longtime co-star Essence Atkins.

“I love that girl to death. It’s kind of like a set marriage — she gets me,” Marlon tells ABC Radio. “She understand me comedically of where I’m going to go.”

In Marlon, Wayans plays Marlon Wayne, an Internet star with an over-the-top personality, while Atkins plays his ex-wife, Ashley. The two actors — who already have a history of starring in five projects together, including A Haunted House and A Haunted House 2 — acknowledge their close bond. Marlon says their chemistry is part of the draw of the show.

“I call her the heart of the show,” Marlon explains. “And it’s the thing that’s going to make people watch. It’s not just the jokes, but people tune in…because they fall in love with the journey of what the characters are going through emotionally.”

Atkins concurs, but adds that their on-screen relationship isn’t destined to happen off-screen.

“He’s an amazing guy and he’s amazing friend and we both love and respect each other immensely. It very much mirrors the relationship that our characters have,” Atkins says of Wayans. “But I think deep down inside you know when it’s not going to work. You don’t want to risk the great connection that you have, the great friendship…the great trust… I want Marlon on my six until I’m old and grey.

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