25 year old Portage man identified in accident involving 3 police vehicles

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In Valparaiso early Sunday morning, 3 police officers were were conducting a traffic stop with a vehicle, occupied by numerous people at State Highway 130 and Froberg Rd, when a vehicle struck all three officer’s vehicles. The impact caused one police car to rollover and come to rest in a nearby ditch, another police vehicle sustained serious damage and a third received moderate damage. The vehicle that initiated the crash also rolled over and sustained serious damage. The driver of the vehicle required extrication and was transported to Porter Hospital. No officers or occupants of the original traffic stop’s vehicle were injured. All officers were outside their vehicles when the crash occurred. Investigation showed that the driver of the vehicle that struck the police vehicles had a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage and admitted to police he had been drinking. A portable breath test confirmed the consumption of alcoholic beverages. Police requested and received a warrant to obtain a blood sample from the driver while he was at the hospital. Police are seeking charges on the driver for Operating a Vehicle while being Intoxicated. The driver of the vehicle is identified as 25 year old David Jackowski of Portage.

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