Get out the Kleenex: "This Is Us" returns tonight

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NBC/Ron Batzdorff(LOS ANGELES) — Break out the tissues: This Is Us is back tonight.  While the Emmy-winning NBC drama is entertaining, star Milo Ventimiglia says that with its story lines about interracial adoption, anxiety, weight issues, cancer and more, it’s also important.

“When I have people walking up to me, talking about…their own adopted children now having a better bond because they’ve watched our show, that makes me feel even better about the work,” he says. “It feels like we’re contributing to the greater good. It’s not just entertainment — it is really giving back to a more hopeful way of life.”

This season, Sylvester Stallone will guest star, playing one of the movie stars in the Ron Howard movie that Kevin, played by Justin Hartley, is going off to film. Ventimiglia hooked up the appearance because he worked with Stallone on the 2006 film, Rocky Balboa.

“In a strange way, it’s even more exciting than an Emmy nomination,” says Milo. “It means that the bond that you make on a film set is strong enough to last years, and you’re able to pick up the phone and call these greats.”

Incidentally, Stallone also appeared in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, which also starred This Is Us co-star Chris Sullivan.

On tonight’s season premiere, we’ll get a major clue about how Milo’s character Jack dies — but he says the show’s producer once told him to think about the show as a whole, and not just that particular plot point. 

“The show itself is a box of home videos that are unlabeled and you never know which one you pick up and put in the tape deck and watch that day,” Ventimiglia explains.  “…Some are gonna be high and some are gonna be low, but it’s all just a bunch of different stories, y’know?”

This Is Us season two premieres tonight at 9:00 ET/8:00 ET on NBC.

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