Lucious attempts to regain his "Noble Memory" in season four premiere of "Empire"

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FOX/Jean Whiteside(NEW YORK) — The premiere episode of Empire‘s fourth season — titled “Noble Memory” — picks up with Cookie speaking to an interviewer for a TV special to commemorate Empire’s 20th anniversary.  We soon find out that Lucious survived the aftermath of last season’s finale episode, but still suffers from amnesia.

Here are some more highlights from this episode:  

– Lucious’ nurse Claudia, played by Demi Moore, brings Lucious back home. In this scene we find out that Lucious lost the lower part of one of his legs as a result of the car bombing accident of the season three finale. 

– Cookie tells Lucious that he has to go out on stage or the board will have questions, but Claudia tells her that his recovery process will take some time. 

– Lucious questions Cookie about the lack of photos featuring her in a photo album he’s viewing. Cookie tells him that they were separated for 17 years, which shocks Lucious to his core. 

– Cookie catches Lucious asking Claudia to kiss him and gets upset. Cookie then tells Claudia to pack her bags and get out, but Claudia tries to explain why Lucious is acting romantic towards her. Cookie reminds Lucious that he saved her after he questions whether or not someone caused his amnesia and severed leg.  

– The Lyon family has a happy, intimate dinner that eventually erupts in chaos, with Lucious attempting to hobble into a nearby lake.  

– We fast-forward to Lucious appearing on stage for Empire’s 20th anniversary bash. He reveals his prosthetic leg to a shocked audience and tells them how grateful he is to be alive.  

– Cookie and Lucious share a touching moment that’s soon interrupted by Claudia’s presence when he asks for her. Cookie tells Lucious that she will remember him, because she’s “unforgettable.”

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