Marvel’s "Inhumans" debuts tonight

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Marvel/ABC(LOS ANGELES) — Inhumans, the latest Marvel Comics-based series to air on ABC, makes its debut tonight, after a brief run in IMAX theaters.

The series focuses on the inhabitants of Attilan, a secret base located on the moon. Some of those are blessed with cool mutant superpowers, but some aren’t. This leads to a coup that scatters them on our fragile blue world.

The king of the society is known as Black Bolt, and he’s blessed and cursed with a voice so powerful he can destroy worlds. Suffice it to say, he doesn’t say anything. This was one of the best parts about the role, actor Anson Mount tells ABC Radio. “For me, it was the challenge of playing a character that doesn’t speak. I just figured I may never get this opportunity again.”

As a comic fan, Mount explained, “to play one of the more iconic characters in the Marvel universe was a very heady thing for me.”

At Black Bolt’s side is Medusa, his bride and interpreter, who has flowing red hair that can grab things and beat up people — the latter achieved through computer generated wizardry — though on set, it’s more of a headache, literally, actress Serinda Swan tells us. “It definitely is like four-and-a-half feet of hair,” she said of the wig. “One wrong gust of wind and you are in trouble!”

“You know, it was its own character,” Swan says of her mutant mane. “I think somebody actually wrote an essay from the perspective of my wig, ’cause it literally is its own character. It’s the funniest thing ever.” 

The show sees Bolt’s scheming brother Maximus staging a coup, and setting his sights on colonizing our planet. Catch the action — and a heroic, 2,000-pound teleporting bulldog called Lockjaw — on ABC tonight at 8 p.m.

ABC and Marvel share a parent company in Disney.

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