Latest U-S Census finds more than 14-percent of Hoosiers are living in poverty

Posted on: October 2nd, 2017 by [email protected] No Comments

While the number of people applying for federal nutrition assistance has dropped slightly in Indiana, more than 14-percent of Hoosiers are living in poverty, according to the latest report from the U-S Census Bureau. More than 950-thousand are food insecure, meaning they’re not always sure they’ll have enough to eat, and one-third of those are children. Jessica Fraser with the Indiana Institute for Working Families says incomes have grown in the state, but poverty numbers haven’t changed much, which means most of the growth in the last decade was at the top. The report says nearly 40 of Indiana’s counties have food-insecurity rates of 20-percent or more. It lists Indiana’s current median income as just over 52-thousand dollars, and says more than eight-percent of Hoosiers have no health insurance.

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