"The Ash vs. Evil Dead" gang take on New York Comic Con

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(L-R) Dana DeLorenzo, Arielle Carver-O’Neill, Bruce Campbell, Ray Santiago(NEW YORK) — New York Comic Con gets underway today, which means you’re more likely than usual to see zombies and creatures from another dimension roaming the streets of the Big Apple.  The four-day expo also gives thousands of fans a chance to rub costumed elbows with celebrities from the worlds of comics, movies, and TV.

It’s also where studios try to earn some geek cred. Two years ago at the event, Starz’ Ash vs. Evil Dead got off to a strong start, and it’s just been renewed for a third season.  The story centers on the continuing adventures of Bruce Campbell’s Ash Williams, the chainsaw-handed demon killing machine from 1981’s bloody classic horror comedy The Evil Dead.

The opening moments of that pilot episode showed the now middle-aged Ash strapping himself into a girdle, and getting ready for action — of the female kind. Fans went ape.  “That was a key moment,” Campbell told ABC Radio.

“And it was important for Starz to see that, too,” he adds. “To see an episode in front of the savages. And they ate it up!…So we’re very thankful to New Yaawwk, for helping launch the show.”

The show pairs Campbell up with a younger cast, including Ray Santiago and Dana DeLorenzo. They shared with ABC Radio a side of these events the fans don’t see.

“The green rooms at conventions are awesome,” Campbell says, referring to the rooms where the stars hang out between appearances. “Elvira is making green tea…Shatner’s tweeting like a son of a bit**.”

DeLorenzo adds, “Mark Hamill’s like, dishing out the eggs. It’s like a ‘Who’s Who.'” Campbell laughs, “And Stan Lee is asleep in the corner!”

“Carrie Fisher was eating breakfast potatoes with her hands, then fell asleep, and her dog was licking her face,” Santiago added. “That’s what I remember.”  

Two seasons of Ash vs. Evil Dead are available on Starz On Demand. Season 3 debuts next February. 

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