"The Walking Dead" recap: "Time for After"

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AMC/Gene Page(NEW YORK) — Sunday night’s episode of The Walking Dead, “Time for After,” starts with Rick being temporarily released from the Scavengers’ shipping container prison cell.

He’s sweating and stripped to his boxers. He’s still defiant. “It’s not too late. You can join us or die.”

In response, Jadis takes out a camera of her own and snaps pictures of him. Why? He asks. “Sculpt you. After.”

“After what?” he asks. 

At that, he’s locked back inside.

At the Sanctuary, Eugene is pondering the traitor situation, scribbling in a notebook: “What I Know,” “What I Know I Don’t Know,” and “Things I Am Unaware of Wholly.” 

Dwight is questioned by Eugene, who knows he’s the turncoat. He offers to keep quiet if Dwight would “cease and desist” all “backstabbery and Judas-ness.”

He turns the tables on Eugene. “Negan is finished….This place is finished,” he warns. “All you have to do is nothing.”

Eugene doesn’t bite; offers to stay quiet as long as Dwight doesn’t endanger any more saviors. 

The Saviors estimate they have two days before they’re overrun by walkers.

Elsewhere, Father Gabriel is suffering from multiple infections and isn’t doing well. Eugene doesn’t want to, but is assigned to keep him company. He still wants Eugene to help him sneak Maggie’s doctor out of there. Eugene tells him he doesn’t sneak his neck out for anyone.

Father Gabriel tries to convince him that he might someday do the right thing. 

Later, one of Negan’s wives comes by to remind Eugene to fix his radio — and remind him that she enlisted him to make a poison for Negan, but chose to live for himself instead.

Elsewhere, Daryl, Tara, Rosita, Michonne, and Morgan plot using a truck to ram into the Savior compound and crack open the Sanctuary. “Savior buffet,” Tara says.

Rosita resists the plan. Fearing too many indentured servants will be killed, she leaves.

Elsewhere, Negan questions Eugene as to how they’re getting out. He has full faith in his mulleted genius.

Negan offers his hand…Eugene accidentally bends to kiss it. Negan corrects him, and shakes his hand — Negan noting he’s a rare person “worthy of his mutual respect.”

Later, Eugene tries working on the radio but guilt creeps in. He winds up in a storage area and finds Sasha’s empty coffin and iPod. He seems distraught.

Meanwhile, as Daryl and company plot their final assault, Michonne decides she can’t do it. They leave without her.

Eugene makes a glider rigged with the iPod, planning to distract the walkers and lead them away with the remote controlled plane playing music.

Just then Dwight appears and puts a gun to his head, pleading with him to stop.

Eugene decides to launch it anyway, and it takes flight — just as Daryl gives the okay to launch the truck assault. His snipers provide cover as he drives the truck towards the enemy HQ.

Dwight shoots down the plane and Daryl’s plan continues; he plants a cinderblock over the accelerator and tumbles out of the speeding truck.

It rams into the Sanctuary’s outer wall, sending walkers into it, to Eugene and the other Saviors leaders’ horror.

Eugene is terrified, but it turns to anger. He storms into Gabriel’s room and tells the stricken priest he won’t help him with Maggie’s doctor.

Elsewhere, Eugene lays out a plan with Negan to take back the Sanctuary and get even with Rick. “How does it feel to be the second most important person here?” Negan asks him, calling him “magnificent.” 

Eugene is about to tell Negan about Dwight, but just then, Dwight and the other lieutenants come in and Eugene loses his nerve.

Back at his room, he tries to drink away his anxiety.

Meanwhile, at the Scavengers’ hideout, prisoner Rick is led out of his cell and dropped to his knees for execution. “Time for after,” she says ominously.

Jadis’ men lead out a walker on a stick, with a Scavenger puppeting it from behind. Rick turns the tables, defeating Jadis’ guards.

Ripping the head off the walker, he uses it like a chomping spear to bite at Jadis, who is knocked to the ground. Inches from a bite, she calls her men off. 

She agrees to join Rick for an assault on the Sanctuary — which Rick doesn’t know is already overrun.

With a group of Scavengers, he sneaks closer to the enemy HQ expecting to find walkers surrounding the building. Looking through one of his snipers’ abandoned rifles, Rick sees, to his horror, what Daryl has done.

The Walking Dead returns next Sunday, December 10 at 9 p.m. Eastern time on AMC.

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