Homelessness in Indiana is declining

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Homelessness declined in Indiana according to the latest national estimate by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). While overall homelessness increased by 0.7% nationally since 2016, since 2010 there was a decline of 13.1%. HUD’s 2017 Annual Homeless Assessment Report to Congress found the follow regarding homelessness across Indiana: In Indiana, local communities reported that 5,438 persons experienced homelessness on a single night in 2017, a decrease of 6.2 percent (or 360 persons) since last year and a decrease of 15.7 percent (or 1,014) since 2010. Homelessness among families with children declined by 8.1 percent (or 159 persons in families) across the state since 2016. Since 2010 homeless people in families decreased by 36.6 percent (1,049). Meanwhile, local communities in Indiana report the number of persons experiencing long-term chronic homelessness decreased 8.8 percent (or 52 individuals) since 2016 and by 37.3 percent sincce 2010. Veteran homelessness declined by 48 or 7.2% since 2016 and by nearly 20% since 2010.

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