Tony Rock on "Martin" reboot: "I hope they don’t do it"

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Photo: Jason Clark(NEW YORK) — Comedian Tony Rock is weighing in on the speculated reboot of ’90s sitcom, Martin. While fans and celebrities alike have been offering their support for a revival of the series — which starred Martin Lawrence, Tisha Campbell-Martin and Tichina Arnold — Rock says he’d wish they’d leave well enough alone.

“I hope they don’t do it,” Rock tells ABC Radio. “Because they’ve moved on from that. That show worked for the time frame that they were all in. Martin and Gina were 30 somethings. They had an apartment in Detroit. They were trying to get their life together to move on to bigger and better things. Right?”

Rock continues, “As a married couple, they had just gotten married into the show. So they were progressing as people. Now they’re in their 50s. So do you still live in the same apartment at 50? Now it’s like that’s weird.”

According to the Black Card Revoked host, the multiple characters Lawrence played wouldn’t be the same. “Is Sheneneh still across the hall at 50 years old?…Bruh-man is still coming through the window at 50 years old?… Ol’ Otis is probably gone. Jerome is an old pimp — now that doesn’t work as well.”

Although he admits he’ll “be right there in front of the TV watching with everybody else,” if they do decide to bring Martin back, Rock says there’s really no need for it.

“Let it be what it was,” Rock says. “It was a great TV show from the years that it ran. It was incredible, one of the most watched black sitcoms of all time. Let it just be what it was. To try to recreate it, we wouldn’t do it justice.” 

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