On ABC’s "Deception," stars Jack Cutmore-Scott and Ilfenesh Hadera make magic happen

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ABC/Bob D’Amico(NEW YORK) — In the new ABC drama, Deception, stars Jack Cutmore-Scott and Ilfenesh [ILL-fen-esh] Hadera make magic happen – literally and figuratively.

Cutmore-Scott plays Cameron Black, a magician who teams up with Hadera’s FBI agent Kay Daniels to solve crimes. The two characters show each other some tricks of the trade, so to speak, along the way.

Cutmore-Scott and Hadera tell ABC Radio that their biggest trick is playing characters who are very different from their true selves.

“She definitely follows the rules, it’s her nature to do that,” Hadera says of Agent Daniels. “I’m not so much that way. I’m a lot more, I think, relaxed in my life and like to have a little bit more fun.”

Cameron, on the other hand, might have a little too much fun.

“He’s spent his entire life on stage; he’s a born showman,” Cutmore-Scott says of his magician character.

“He’s very, very comfortable in the public eye and very comfortable up on a stage with a spotlight on him and that’s not really been my experience.” 

The actor says he prefers a smaller, more intimate audience, while Cameron is more of a “Vegas” guy.

You can witness the magic first-hand when Deception debuts on ABC Sunday at 10 p.m. ET, after the premiere of American Idol.

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