High school Academic Super Bowl competitions hosted at PNW

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Purdue University Northwest (PNW) hosted two nights of Academic Super Bowl competitions for high school students in Porter and La Porte counties on March 7-8. Competitions were held in the James B. Dworkin Student Services and Activities Complex on PNW’s Westville Campus.
The Academic Super Bowl theme was “World War I,” with students answering questions in six subject areas: science, fine arts, social studies, mathematics, English and interdisciplinary.
Porter County high school competition
The 11th annual competition for students in Porter County was March 7 with all nine Porter County high schools represented: Boone Grove, Chesterton, Hebron, Kouts, Morgan Township, Portage, Valparaiso, Washington Township and Wheeler competing in the senior division event.
La Porte County high schools and beyond
The 10th annual La Porte County Academic Super Bowl Invitational for students attending schools in La Porte County and beyond featured teams from La Porte High School; South Central High School in Union Mills; Elkhart Christian Academy; La Crosse High School; Oregon-Davis High School in Starke County; New Prairie High School; North White High School in White County; and the Home Scholars, a team of home schooled students from Porter and La Porte counties.

Overall competition results are as follows:
1. Home Scholars team

2. North White High School

3. Elkhart Christian Academy

Winners in each round are listed below:
–Math: 1st, Elkhart Christian Academy; 2nd, North White High School; 3rd, La Porte

High School
–English: 1st, North White High School; 2nd, Home Scholars team; 3rd, Elkhart Christian

–Science: 1st, La Crosse High School; 2nd, La Porte High School; 3rd, North White High

–Fine Arts: 1st, Home Scholars team; 2nd, North White High School; 3rd, Elkhart

Christian Academy
–Social Studies: 1st, Elkhart Christian Academy; 2nd, La Porte High School; 3rd, New Prairie High School
–Interdisciplinary: 1st, Home Scholars team; 2nd, La Crosse High School; 3rd, Elkhart Christian Academy

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    I just wanted to point out a factual error in the second to last line of the above article, “High School Academic Super Bowl Competitions Hosted at PNW.”

    In Social Studies, the Home Scholars team won first place.

    Thank you. Have a blessed day!
    Jen Mathew, Head Coach, Home Scholars Super Bowl Academic Team

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