"Roseanne’s" Emma Kenney on playing Darlene’s "bratty" teen: "You guys will eventually love Harris"

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ABC/Robert Trachtenberg(NEW YORK) — On the new season of Roseanne, Emma Kenney plays Darlene’s daughter Harris with equal parts Darlene sarcasm and Roseanne savageness.

The breakout young actress tells ABC Radio that while you may not love Harris now, you soon will.

“Harris definitely has a character arc this season,” Kenney says. “I think that in the beginning of the season she starts out, she’s coming from Chicago, a big city, living with her mom and her brother, her friends, her school, everything, you know? Her life. And then she gets forced to live with her grandparents in the middle of the suburbs of Illinois, so I don’t think she’s too happy about that at first.”

“But you guys will eventually love Harris,” she adds. “Right now she’s being a bit of a bratty teenager…I call Harris ‘Darlene’s karma.’”

The characters may not always been likable, but Kenney says that’s part of what makes it so relatable to viewers – even after all these years.

“I think that the show genuinely shows real family bond, love, energy, having their back, standing up for each other, real family disagreements,” she says. “It’s not like we’re sugarcoating anything on the show.”

She continues, “I think the world needs that right now — just like a realistic family so people don’t feel terrible about themselves if they’re not living the Gossip Girl lifestyle.”

Roseanne pulled in massive ratings in its first and second weeks back on TV, quickly earning it a season 11 pick-up.

Kenney says going into the next season, she’d love to see Harris in more scenes with her grandfather, Dan. “I think it may just be because I love John Goodman,” she says. “Also Laurie Metcalf. Aunt Jackie is my favorite character.”

Roseanne airs tonight at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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