Former FBI director Comey has ‘nothing but disdain’ for Trump: Stephanopoulos

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Paula Lobo/ABC via Getty Images(NEW YORK) — After his interview with former FBI director James Comey that aired in an ABC special Sunday, ABC News Chief Anchor George Stephanopoulos shared his impressions with Powerhouse Politics hosts Jonathan Karl and Rick Klein.

“It was one of the longest and most intense interviews of my career,” Stephanopoulos said.

And the stakes were high.

Although Comey wants to sell books, Stephanopoulos said Comey realized he would and should face tough questions.

“He wanted to be pressed and that would help him. It wouldn’t do him any good if he got “fluff ball treatment” on his book tour,” Stephanopoulos said.

And Stephanopoulos said overriding all of Comey’s comments was his sharply negative view of the man who fired him.

“He has nothing but disdain for President Trump,” Stephanopoulos said, adding, “And it clearly pains him to think he had a big role in electing Donald Trump. I don’t think he can admit that.”

But Stephanopoulos said one thing became clear.

“Whatever you want to say about him, James Comey is not a liar,” he said, adding “That doesn’t mean that all of his answers are satisfactory.”

Klein, Karl and Stephanopoulos agreed that one big question remains as Comey continues on his book tour: Where would we be if the president had not fired James Comey?

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