Mariah Carey gifts us the first trailer for Christmas flick, "The Star"

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ABC/Randy Holmes(LOS ANGELES) — It’s only fitting that Mariah Carey, the unofficial “Queen of Christmas,” would be involved in a new Christmas-themed film.

On her Twitter page Wednesday, Mariah debuted the new trailer for The Star, an animated flick that explores the story of the first Christmas — from the animals’ perspective. Mariah won’t be voicing any of the characters, but her new single, also called “The Star,” will be featured in the film. 

Kelly Clarkson is among the voices, along with Gina Rodriguez, Tracy Morgan, Keegan-Michael Key and Oprah Winfrey.

The Star is set to hit theaters November 10.

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Princess Diana’s brother ‘lied to’ about coffin walk at her funeral

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Charles Spencer called walking behind Diana’s coffin a "bizarre circumstance."

Celebrities react to President Trump banning transgender people from US military

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Trans actress and activist Laverne Cox — ABC/Jeff Neira(LOS ANGELES) — Celebrities and Hollywood have shared their reactions — mostly of outrage — to President Donald Trump announcement Wednesday banning transgender people from serving in the U.S. military. Here are a few of the reactions:

George Takei: History shall record that you are not only the stupidest, most incompetent president ever, but also the cruelest and pettiest. #Shame

Mia Farrow: no. My God. This must be challenged.

Jesse Tyler Ferguson: Sending a message that hate & discrimination should be tolerated if it saves us money. A shameful yet unsurprising new low. #EqualityForAll

Yvette Nicole Brown: ICYMI the coward who used “bone spurs” to dodge serving in the military want to bar others who WANT to serve or already ARE.

Alyssa Milano: Well, at least Trump isn’t announcing major policy change on twitter. Oh, wait…

Busy Phillips: Oh, just a reminder that this–NONE OF THIS IS NORMAL.

Stephanie Shepherd: what the actual f*** is happening in D.C?

Zoe Kazan: Every single trans person who has served or WILL serve in our military is braver, stronger & a better patriot & human than @realDonaldTrump

James Corden: Hey Ivanka, James here. Hope all is good, quick question, can you… Erm… Call your dad and have a talk. X 

Seth Rogen: I’m starting to think they don’t know what these letters actually stand for.

Sandra Bernhard: @Caitlyn_Jenner wake up sweetheart give Your wonderful president a call & discuss #noTransgender in military congrats on a great choice!

Dustin Lance Black: I grew up in a military w/ LGBT people serving in the shadows. We can’t let DT turn back the clock on our brave, trans soldiers. #RISEUP

Mario Batali: wow. did he consider legislation for his cockamamie morning bm thoughts?… or do we bow to the idiot shrine high atop mount misinformed ?

Candis Cayne: As trans women and men We have never asked for anything other than to live our life as our authentic self this hate has to stop!

Andy Cohen: Are you TRYING to be an assh***?

Transgender Orange Is the New Black star Laverne Cox issued a statement that declared, in part, “This latest reversal of another Obama administration policy continues to send the message to trans Americans that our lives, our safety and service are less valuable and unwanted in this country, the country I love and hold so dear.”

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Taraji P. Henson to host Black Girls Rock honoring Issa Rae, Roberta Flack & Yara Shahidi

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ABC Image Group(LOS ANGELES) — Taraji P. Henson has been tapped to host BET’s 2017 Black Girls Rock Award.

The annual event, created in 2010 by DJ Beverly Bond, highlights black excellence and specifically black women who have broken barriers and uplifted their community, will be held on August 5 at the New Jersey Performing Arts Center in Newark.

As part of the ceremony, Henson will present Insecure creator/star Issa Rae with the Star Power Award; singer Roberta Flack with the Living Legend Award; black-ish actress Yara Shahidi with the Young Gifted and Black Award; financier Suzanne Shank with the Shot Caller Award; and community organizers Derrica Wilson and Natalie Wilson of The Black & Missing Foundation with the Community Change Agent Award.

The 2017 Black Girls Rock Award will air on Sunday, August 20 at 8:00 p.m. ET on BET.

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‘Dance Moms’ Abby Lee Miller ‘terrified’ of being assaulted in prison

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"If a whole gang of people want to kill you, they’re gonna do it," she said.

Report: Hollywood chasing film rights to upcoming novel from Bill Clinton and James Patterson

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Getty Images/Nicolas Hunt(LOS ANGELES) — The President is Missing — the forthcoming novel from former President Bill Clinton and best-selling author James Patterson — isn’t due out until next year, but a bidding war apparently already is brewing in Hollywood for the film rights.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Patterson and Clinton himself are set to meet this week with big-name producers and directors, like Steven Spielberg, George Clooney and J.J. Abrams, as the pair peddle the chance to make the book into a movie.

Little is known about the plot of the novel — which is set to be published June 11, 2018 — other than that it is about a president who has gone missing. But a promotional blurb for the book promises a “one-of-a-kind thriller filled with the kind of insider details that only a president can know.”

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Venus Williams alleges victim was not wearing seat belt during crash

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The tennis star is fighting back in court against a wrongful death lawsuit.

Usher joins James Corden for “Carpool Karaoke” on Tuesday’s "The Late Late Show"

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Terence Patrick/CBS ©2017 CBS Broadcasting, Inc.(LOS ANGELES) — Usher made a surprise visit to The Late Late Show with James Corden on Tuesday night for the latest edition of “Carpool Karaoke.” The segment, which may have been filmed some time ago, made no mention of the singer’s recent scandal and went right into the music.

Seconds after James stops to pick up Usher, they’re singing “Yeah,” and tackling the Ludacris rap part together.

James asks him about dancing and popping bottles and stops so James can show Usher his moves. Next they go off on “Let It Burn.”

While they’re driving, Usher thinks they passed his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, so James goes back around and they find it. Usher says he thinks it’s weird to have a star on the sidewalk where people can walk on it. When they get out, they see that it could use a cleaning, so the two are soon polishing it up as James cautions people nearby to be respectful and walk around the star.

Next, they’re singing, “Caught Up.” Usher tells James that he’s a vegan but having some difficulty.

“I like beef, I like chicken. But I’m a vegan,” he says.

To which James replies, “Just so you know, that means you’re not a vegan.”

After a brief take on “I Don’t Mind,” there is a lively discussion about Usher calling his woman a b**** which James says he definitely could not do, though Usher seems to be OK with it. “You don’t introduce her as your b****. It’s just what you say between you and her. It’s friendly banter,” he says.

They help a motorist by pushing his stalled car, then close the segment with a bouncy take on “OMG.”

The Late Late Show with James Corden airs weeknights on CBS.

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James Cameron prepping "Titanic" special for movie’s 20th anniversary

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Getty Images/David J. Hogan(LOS ANGELES) — Director James Cameron is returning to Titanic.

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of his film, Cameron and the National Geographic network will partner on an hour-long documentary that will look not only at the making of the film, but also the discoveries about the sunken oceanliner made over the last two decades.

Also taking part will be Dr. Robert Ballard, the man who discovered the wreck. Cameron and Ballard will discuss the recently declassified story of Ballard’s discovery while on a secret mission for the U.S. Navy.

The special also will explore new research about the doomed ships final hours.

“When I wrote the film, and when I set out to direct it, I wanted every detail to be as accurate as I could make it, and every harrowing moment of the ship’s final hours accounted for,” Cameron said in a statement. “I was creating a living history; I had to get it right out of respect for the many who died and for their legacy. But did I really get it right? Now, with National Geographic and with the latest research, science and technology, I’m going to reassess.” 

Titanic: 20th Anniversary will air in December.

While Cameron and NatGeo will be taking viewers back to Titanic, the network is also pairing with Leonardo DiCaprio to take viewers to the moon.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the Titanic star’s company, Appian Way Productions, is teaming up with NatGeo to develop a scripted, a multiple-season drama based on The Right Stuff, the 1979 book by Tom Wolfe about the U.S. fighter pilots engaged in postwar research with experimental rocket-powered, high-speed aircraft and documents the stories of the first astronauts selected for the American space program.

DiCaprio will serve as an executive producer.

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"America’s Got Talent" recap: DJ Khaled is a guest judge as seven acts advance

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NBCUniversal Media – 2017(LOS ANGELES) — The Judge Cuts continued on Tuesday’s edition of America’s Got Talent, with seven more of the 20 acts that made it through the auditions advancing to the Live Rounds.

Sad, singing clown Puddles Pity Party; song and dance duo Mirror Image; salsa dancers Junior and Emily; mentalist Colin Cloud; and singers Evie Clair and Yoli Mayor all advanced. Singer/songwriter Chase Goehring was sent straight to the Live Rounds via “the Golden Buzzer.”

Simon Cowell, Howie Mandel, Heidi Klum and Mel B were back behind the judges’ table to offer their opinions and decide which acts would advance. Helping them this week was DJ Khaled.

Here’s a rundown of some of Tuesday’s highlights:

Brother and sister salsa dancers Junior and Emily pulled off a series of complicated and dizzying spins to “Don’t Let Me Down” by The Chainsmokers featuring Daya. However, the brief 90-second routine left all the judges, except for Howie, a little disappointed.

Chase Goehring, a 21-year-old singer/songwriter whose unique style features some fast rapping, performed an original tune called “A Capella.” DJ Khaled declared that Chase was on his way to becoming a star. He pressed his Golden Buzzer, sending Goehring straight to the Live Rounds.

Mirror Image, consisting of twin brothers Colton and Trent, opened their performance with a slow vocal rendition of The Mamas & the Papas’ “California Dreaming,” followed by some athletic dance moves to Sia’s “The Greatest.” Simon hit his buzzer, but the other judges loved the act, with Mel B telling the duo, “Forget the ‘X’, you’ve got us, you’ve got me rooting for you.”

Evie Clair, 13, delivered an emotional version of Macy Gray’s “I Try.” Howie was “moved” by the performance. Mel B agreed, adding that the teen “sings with such heart and soul.” DJ Khaled said Evie “touched everybody’s hearts soul and spirit.” Heidi and Simon both pointed out that the singer was off key in places, but still had “heart.”

“Real-life Sherlock Holmes” Colin Cloud confounded the judges with a series of mind-reading tricks that included licking Mel’s hand and telling her what she ate that day, and using Howie, Simon and Heidi to open a locked cell phone by calling out random numbers. Simon called Cloud’s act “more than magic, it’s having special powers,” adding, “It was spooky. Fantastic.”

Puddles Pity Party, a sad, singing clown, delivered a rendition of Eric Carmen’s “All by Myself.” Puddles got a mixed reaction from the judges. Mel loved the act. Heidi said she liked it too, but didn’t find herself being “super excited.” DJ Khaled was “confused,” explaining, “You’ve got a beautiful voice, cheer up, man.” Simon, disagreed, noting that he hated clowns, but connected with Puddles because he liked “the tragedy thing.”

Singer Yoli Mayor, 21, covered Rihanna’s “Love on the Brain” and drew a standing ovation from the judges and studio audience. Heidi said that of all the singers in the competition, Yoli was “one of the best or THE best.” DJ Khaled called the performance “flawless.” Simon was fascinated by the fact that Mayor didn’t realize the extent of her talent and looked forward to helping her find her own “space.”

The Judge Cuts continue with Laverne Cox as the guest judge when America’s Got Talent returns Wednesday at 8 p.m. Eastern time on NBC.

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Lupita Nyong’o glad fans "spoke up" about Twitter-inspired buddy movie

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Getty Images for Disney(LOS ANGELES) — Remember that Rihanna/Lupita Nyong’o action movie everyone was having fun fantasizing about a few months ago on Twitter?  Nyongo’o’s thanking fans for making that happen. 

“You know, what’s really cool is that people spoke up about the kind of movie they wanna see and this is a great example,” Nyong’o told Entertainment Tonight.

The idea for the project began in April, when a photo, taken in 2014 of Rihanna and Nyong’o fashionably dressed in the front row of a Miu Miu fashion show, went viral as a meme, with fans saying Rihanna would scam “rich white men,” and Lupita would be her, “computer-smart best friend that helps plan the scams.”

After other Twitter users joined in, tapped Insecure writer/star Issa Rae to pen the script and Selma director Ava DuVernay to call the shots, the made-up movie became a reality, and is reportedly attached to Netflix. 

During at her appearance at Comic-Con over the weekend, Nyong’o said she even saw commonalities between her upcoming Marvel film, Black Panther, and the proposed heist film.

“Black Panther is being embraced because people are really hungry for this kind of film, and that movie with me and Rihanna and Issa and Ava is another one of those examples,” Nyono’o said. “People want to see something like themselves and something different, something they’re not being offered yet. I’m honored to be a part of that conversation.”

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2017 MTV Video Music Award nominations announced

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Nominations for the 2017 MTV Video Music Awards were announced Monday, with rapper Kendrick Lamar earning the most of any artist for his video “Humble.”

Chrissy Teigen: Donald Trump blocked me on Twitter

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“Telling him ‘lol no one likes you’ was the straw,” she wrote.

Barbara Sinatra, philanthropist and wife of singer Frank Sinatra, dies at 90

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She was instrumental in helping abused children for three decades.

Barbara Sinatra, Frank’s 4th wife and widow, dies at 90

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Barbara Sinatra, the fourth wife of legendary singer Frank Sinatra and a prominent advocate and philanthropist for abused children, has died at age 90

Barbara Sinatra, wife of singer Frank Sinatra, dies at 90

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She was instrumental in helping abused children for three decades.

"Simpsons" creator Matt Groening to bring animated "Disenchantment" to Netflix

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Fox – 2017(LOS ANGELES) — Matt Groening [GRAY-ning], whose acclaimed series The Simpsons changed television and who followed it with the animated Emmy-winning Futurama, is coming to Netflix. 

Groening has landed a 20-episode deal for Disenchantment, an animated series set in a crumbling fairy tale world of Dreamland.

The project has Broad City‘s Abby Jacobsen voicing a hard-drinking princess named Bean. Oscar-winning screenwriter of The Descendants and Married star Nat Faxon lends his pipes to her elvish sidekick Elfo, and Eric Andre, who most recently appeared on FXX’s Man Seeking Woman, voices Bean’s “personal demon,” Luci.

“Along the way, the oddball trio will encounter ogres, sprites, harpies, imps, trolls, walruses, and lots of human fools,” the streaming giant says in a statement.

To fans of Simpsons and Futurama, more good news: many voice acting veterans from both of those shows — including John DiMaggio, who played Bender, Billy West, who voiced Fry, and Tress MacNeille, who voiced various characters on both shows — will be breathing life into other Dreamland residents.

For his part, Groening says, “Ultimately, Disenchantment will be about life and death, love and sex, and how to keep laughing in a world full of suffering and idiots, despite what the elders and wizards and other jerks tell you.”

The show will be released in two 10-episode installments, starting sometime in 2018.

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Bachelorette knew what she ‘needed to do’ after final 3 met her family

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Rachel Lindsay, who is now engaged, has three suitors remaining on the show.

Anne Hathaway in talks to replace Amy Schumer in Barbie movie

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ABC/Lou Rocco(NEW YORK) — Is there a Barbie Dream House in Anne Hathaway‘s future?

The Oscar-winner reportedly is in talks to star in Sony’s live-action Barbie movie, based on the iconic Mattel toy line. She would replace Amy Schumer, who was forced to back out of the project due to scheduling conflicts.

The studio tells Variety that talks are in the very early stages, and scheduling arrangements still need to be ironed out.

In the tradition of films like SplashEnchanted and Big, the Barbie movie reportedly will find the fashion doll, launched in 1959, banished from Barbieland for not being perfect enough and thrown into a real-world adventure.

Schumer’s departure has delayed production of the film, which was set to begin last month. In spite of that, Sony is sticking with its plan for a June 2018 release date.

Hathaway next will be seen starring opposite Cate Blanchett, Matt Damon, Sandra Bullock, Sarah Paulson and Rihanna in Oceans Eight, opening nationwide in 2018.

Schumer is set to star in the upcoming comedy feature I Feel Pretty, also bowing in 2018.

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"Modern Family" kids ink two-season deal with big pay raise

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ABC/Richard Cartwright

(LOS ANGELES) — The young stars of ABC’s Modern Family will be staying put for a while.

The sitcom’s core kid stars — Rico Rodriguez, Nolan Gould, Sarah Hyland and Ariel Winter — all have  gotten “significant” pay bumps, sources tell Variety.

The shows other child actors — Aubrey Anderson-Emmons, who plays Lily, and Jeremy Maguire, who plays Joe — joined the series later on in its run and still have more time left on their contracts.

The deals mark the end of lengthy negotiations that locked down the entire cast for the show’s ninth and 10th seasons. Adult cast members Sofia Vergara, Julie Bowen, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Eric Stonestreet and Ty Burrell previously inked deals that upped their salaries to $500,000 per episode — a roughly $150,000 per episode increase from their previous contracts.

Ed O’Neill — a more recognizable name than his co-stars at the time the show made its debut in 2009, thanks to Married with Children and other projects — already commanded a higher salary, and has a larger profit stake than the rest of his co-stars.

ABC and 20th Century Fox Television have not commented on the new deals.

Modern Family, renewed for two more seasons back in May, returns in September.

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What happened in last ‘Game of Thrones’ episode

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Get the full recap of the second episode of the seventh season.

What happened in last ‘Game of Thrones’ episode

Posted on: July 25th, 2017 by ABC News No Comments

Get the full recap of the second episode of the seventh season.

Johnny Depp reportedly slams lawsuit claim he has "psychological issues"

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ABC/Randy Holmes

(LOS ANGELES) — Johnny Depp has reportedly fired the latest salvo in his ongoing lawsuit against his former business managers.

Britain’s Daily Mail claims that it has obtained court documents in which the Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales star is demanding that allegations he has “psychological issues” and a “compulsive spending disorder” be stricken from his $25 million legal battle with The Management Group.

Citing the court papers, the U.K. newspaper reports Depp is claiming that his former business managers added “irrelevant and improper” statements to their response to the lawsuit, which he believes constitutes “inflammatory material” for no other reason than to “viciously attack” him in the public arena.

The 54-year-old actor filed a multi-million dollar fraud lawsuit in January against TMG, whom he fired in 2016. He filed the suit after his new managers alleged financial misconduct on the part his former advisors.

In response, TMG claimed that Depp enjoyed a lavish, $2 million-a-month lifestyle, in spite of their repeated warnings.

The countersuit seeks a judge’s ruling that Depp is to blame for his financial troubles, and $560,000 in fees TMG claims it is owed.

Depp next will be seen starring opposite Daisy Ridley, Kenneth Branagh and Penélope Cruz in the whodunit Murder on the Orient Express, opening nationwide in November.

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"Justice League" reshoots causing problems for Warner Bros.

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Warner Bros. – 2017(LOS ANGELES) — Some of DC comics’ biggest superheroes team up for the upcoming Justice League movie, but rounding up its stars for last-minute reshoots is proving to be a headache — and a costly one at that — setting the studio back $25 million, according to Variety.

The biggest snag involves Henry Cavill, who plays Superman in the film. He’s already moved on to his next project, the sixth Mission: Impossible movie, for which he’s grown a mustache. Paramount, the studio distributing the Mission: Impossible sequel, refused to let him shave it during filming, forcing Warner Brothers, the studio behind Justice League, to digitally remove it in post-production.

Likewise, Ezra Miller, who plays the Flash, is busy shooting the sequel to last year’s blockbuster, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. Since the film is also a Warner Brothers property, the studio has made Miller available for both films, but getting his schedule to coincide with his co-stars has been difficult.

Justice League‘s other big stars, Ben Affleck and Gal Gadot — who play Batman and Wonder Woman, respectively — aren’t working on any other projects at the moment, leaving them free for any additional filming.

Justice League opens nationwide in November.

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"The Bachelorette" recap: Rachel Lindsay brings her last three suitors home

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ABC/Paul Hebert(LOS ANGELES) — The tables were turned on Monday night’s episode of The Bachelorette.

Instead of bachelorette Rachel Lindsay visiting her suitors’ homes, they visited her home in Dallas. Lindsay’s father was missing in action, but the guys met the bachelorette’s mother, sister, uncle, aunt, brother-in-law and cousin.

Peter went home first, and managed to make an amazing impression on everyone. The day went so well that when Eric stopped by the next day, Lindsay’s overprotective sister Constance found some red flags with the suitor. Constance told Eric that she wasn’t sure the two were on “the same playing field,” since Eric admitted he’d never been in love.

Still, the Baltimore native asked for Rachel’s hand in marriage from her mom. And Rachel’s mother gave her blessing for the two to continue their relationship.

But things got bad when Bryan stopped by. Constance said he lacked “sincerity,” adding that it was hard for her to believe him when he said he had fallen in love after nine weeks of knowing Rachel.

Her mother agreed, telling Rachel: “You are in a bubble. We are outside that bubble.”

Lindsey was upset that her family was grilling Bryan, who is clearly the front-runner. She admitted that she was “frustrated because the energy is totally different.”

But Bryan survived long enough to trek with Lindsay and the other two remaining suitors — Peter and Eric — to Spain.

Each of the guys got a one-on-one date with Lindsay, and Eric was up first. The two hit it off, riding in a helicopter and sightseeing.

That amazing date was followed by one with Peter in a Spanish vineyard. Things heated up when Peter admitted that he wasn’t sure he’d be ready to propose in two weeks’ time.

Lindsay replied, “I didn’t come this far and put my life on hold to just have a boyfriend at the end of it.”

Peter replies, “My hopes of pursuing a relationship with you beyond this point is with the thought that it would lead to engagement. Engagement is marriage.”

Although the two both hoped to find “common ground,” the conversation left Lindsay in tears.

Looking somberly at Peter, she added: “I don’t have the answers for you.”

When The Bachelorette returns, instead of seeing Bryan’s one-on-one date, the “Men Tell All” special will air. Watch all of the drama go down next Monday at 8 p.m. Eastern on ABC.

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Laurence Fishburne cast in Marvel’s "Ant-Man and the Wasp"

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ABC/Bob D’Amico(SAN DIEGO) — The Marvel Universe has tapped Laurence Fishburne for a supersized role in their upcoming superhero film.

At San Diego Comic-Con over the weekend, Marvel announced Fishburne is joining the cast of Ant-Man and the Wasp as Dr. Bill Foster. Foster, also known as Black Goliath, is a brilliant scientist who has the ability to grow in size.

Incidentally, Fishburne is one of the rare actors to jump from the DC cinematic universe to Marvel’s — he starred as Daily Planet boss Perry White in Man of Steel, and Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice.

The actor will work alongside Michael Douglas’ character of Dr. Henry “Hank” Pym, the originator of the size-shifting tech that Paul Rudd’s Scott Lang steals/inherits in 2015’s Ant-Man.

Also announced for the film was Michelle Pfeiffer, who will play Janet van Dyne, the superhero wife of Hank and the mother of Hope, played by Evangeline Lilly. In the comics version, Janet was noted as the original Wasp and the first wife of the original Ant-Man. She was also said to be the chairman of The Avengers.

As previously reported, rapper T.I. will be returning to the sequel as Dave, an associate of Paul Rudd’s reformed cat burglar-turned superhero, as will scene-stealer Michael Pena as the motor-mouthed Luis.

Ant-Man and the Wasp hits theaters July 2018, from Marvel Studios, which like ABC News, is owned by Disney.

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Paula Patton says her new ABC drama "Somewhere Between" is quite a "ride"

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ABC/Fred Lee(NEW YORK) — In the new ABC limited-run drama Somewhere Between, Paula Patton plays a journalist and mom whose young daughter is murdered. However, the grieving mother is given a second chance when she’s catapulted back in time seven days prior, giving her a chance to save her daughter’s life and solve the crime before it happens. 

Patton, the ex-wife of singer Ryan Thicke and the mother of their son Julian, says she didn’t know much about the project before she read it, but what was at stake for the character was an immediate hook. 

“That’s what’s great about this show is that…it starts with this idea of — just the highest stakes, which is your child, right? But then it goes on this ride that’s actually meant to be entertaining, meant to be fun. I mean there’s a murder mystery, there’s quite a bit of action. It’s an entertaining ride with this high stakes idea behind it.”

There are plenty of twists and turns along the way, Patton says. “She’s on this race, this race against time, to change her fate, her daughter’s fate. And then who she becomes because of that, you know? It’s that idea, when you’re back’s against the wall, what happens? Who do become? And she becomes quite a beast to contend with.”

Patton gives props to the writers, “They surprised me every time I read a new episode.” 

Somewhere Between debuts Monday night at 10 p.m. Eastern time on ABC.


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Trump tells reporter to be ‘quiet’

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President Donald Trump told a reporter asking questions to be "quiet."

Hilary Duff’s L.A. home burglarized while she and son vacationed in Canada

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ABC Radio(NEW YORK) — Hilary Duff got quite a scare last week when she returned home from a vacation with her son and discovered that her Los Angeles home had been burglarized.

“This is a scary and upsetting situation for anyone to go through, but Hilary is thankful that her family, her staff, her home and her pets are all safe,” Duff’s rep tells Entertainment Tonight. “That said, she has a significant security team in place that will work with the authorities on this incident and handle security measures moving forward.”

The thief or thieves made off with hundreds of thousands of dollars-worth of jewelry, a source tells TMZ, which first broke the story.

The Younger star was vacationing in Canada with her five-year-old son, Luca, at the time of the robbery.

As of now there are no suspects, according to ET.

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‘Game of Thrones’ actor opens up about that shocking death

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"It was more intense on set than it will be on screen," the actor said.