Veterans Unplugged

    “Veterans Unplugged” is a politically charged radio program hosted by former Marine Corps Veteran, Vince Emanuele. Vince has a variety of guests commenting on issues ranging from veterans affairs, to the war/empire, the economy, the prison-industrial complex, race-relations, civil rights/liberties, and many other important topics of the day. This program is undoubtedly biased, and in support of the organized labor movement, an anti-war/empire message, and progressive/Left policies, including serious protection for both workers and the environment.

    Vince loves feedback from both listeners in agreement, and those who disagree. You can always contact him via the website.

    Please tune in and engage with the program. There will be plenty of opportunities for organizations and individuals to voice their respective opinions, promote community activities, and create the space for critical dialogue. In a serious world, facing very serious issues, one should be able to find a serious Radio Program unafraid of critical analysis, and willing to confront the Elites who continue to promote an oppressive agenda.

    Sundays 5pm to 7pm. Join in by calling 219-861-1632.