Subject Arrested for Auto Theft and Entering Parked Vehicles

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Valparaiso Police were called to the 900 block of Lafayette St., yesterday morning (9:20 a.m.) for a male subject that had been acting suspiciously, including entering a parked car.

Sgt. Steve Jackson arrived in the area and obtain a description of the male subject that had been chased away by an individual that had caught the subject rummaging through his vehicle.

Police obtain a detailed description of the subject and began checking the area. Approximately an hour later Sgt. Jackson located a male subject matching the exact description of the subject at Calumet Ave and Randle St. During a brief discussion with the male subject he admitted to recently entering parked cars looking for money. The male subject was identified as Ben Morris 34 yrs old (no current address, 653 Axe Ave New Creation).

In recent days numerous vehicles throughout the city have had items reported stolen from them including an auto theft reported from Family Express on Friday morning.
Detective Andrew McIntyre interviewed Morris and during the interview he admitted to the auto theft at Family Express and rummaging through a vehicle at 909 Lafayette St on Monday morning, (the original caller’s vehicle). Police continue to investigate other incidents that possibly could be related.
Morris was arrested and charged with Attempted Auto Theft, Unauthorized Entry into a Motor Vehicle and Auto Theft. Morris was held at the Porter County Jail.

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