TSA finds 20-pound live lobster in checked bag at Boston airport

Posted on: June 27th, 2017 by ABC News No Comments

Transportation Security Administration(BOSTON) — Can you bring a live lobster on a plane? Yes, as long as it’s in a “clear, plastic, spill-proof container” and it’s been screened by Transportation Security Administration agents.

That’s the travel tip the TSA’s Twitter followers learned on Monday when the agency’s spokesman, Michael McCarthy, posted an image of an agent holding a 20-pound live lobster. The lobster was found alive and well inside checked baggage at Boston Logan International Airport on Sunday.

Despite this lobster’s size and intimidating claws, the crustaceans are allowed through airport security in carry-on and checked bags as long as they are inspected, according to the TSA.

This particular lobster met those requiements and was allowed on its way.

“The lobster was traveling in a cooler in checked luggage and was allowed to continue,” McCarthy tweeted.

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