Sen. Durbin: Wray would have to lead the FBI differently under Trump

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US Senate(WASHINGTON) — If President Trump nominee Christopher Wray is confirmed as director of the FBI, things may be different this time around.

“Wray is a man of principle,” Illinois Democratic Sen. Dick Durbin told ABC News Political Director Rick Klein Wednesday during ABC News’ Powerhouse Politics podcast.

In light of former FBI Director James Comey’s firing, Durbin said Wray appreciates that the confirmation process will be scrutinized more than ever. He also added that Wray “is very sensitive to the fact that he needs to maintain his independence.”

When asked whether an FBI director under Trump needs to be more guarded than those who served under different presidents, Durbin told Klein, “without question.”

“I’ve been there for Bob Mueller when he was director of the FBI,” Durbin said. “In the renewal for his service, as well as Jim Comey, we never dealt with the kinds of questions that Mr. Wray faced today.”

Durbin also spoke about Donald Trump Jr.’s controversial email exchange about meeting a Russian attorney, whom an acquaintance had claimed had damaging information about Hillary Clinton. The president’s eldest son tweeted out the exchange on Tuesday.

Durbin said the emails contradict the narrative that the Trump administration has been pushing, regarding alleged collusion with Russia.

“Denial doesn’t work anymore,” Durbin said.

“Turns out these emails tell the whole story,” he said. “They were looking for contacts to be made. They were looking for help from someone reported to be from the Russian government.”

While the aforementioned interaction could be merely regarded as a “rookie in a political campaign,” Durbin said there’s potential for a more severe outcome.

“He knew exactly what he was getting into,” Durbin said. “There is a reason why we haven’t seen these income tax returns. There are connections with Russia and the Trump business that I think will ultimately be disclosed but we don’t know it today.”

Whether or not the emails serve as an incriminating offense will ultimately be decided by Special Counsel Robert Mueller. Durbin did express concern that the president has the power to dismiss Mueller or any other appointee for that matter, which could lead to a “constitutional crisis.”

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