Will Smith geeks out over "Star Wars" at Comic-Con

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Getty Images/Albert L. Ortega(SAN DIEGO) — At Comic-Con, everyone’s a fan, even multimillionaire celebrity superstar actors like Will Smith.  Smith was on hand at the annual event in San Diego to promote his new project, Bright — Netflix’s first big foray into splashy action movie territory.  But he couldn’t help geeking out about Star Wars like any other Comic-Con attendee.

Smith said his world changed when he saw Star Wars when he was about 10, and he’d never seen anything like it.

“For this generation, you’ve already seen magnificent things in movies and the special effects and what people can do, but when Star Wars came out it was impossible,” the star said. “Like, there weren’t special effects — you couldn’t do that. So, it’s like, we were just completely blown away and for my entire life I’ve been chasing and trying to give that feeling to, to fans.”

He added, emphatically, “I have never been smashed like that in a movie theater. It was like my mind was boggled.”

Smith said he’s built his career on trying to give fans the same experience he had when he first saw Star Wars.

“There was nothing that I had ever experienced in my life that, that matched that point of ecstasy. And, I had sex a few years later, and that was pretty… it was close, I mean close, but no Star Wars, you know, so…”

Smith’s Suicide Squad director David Ayer debuted the full trailer for Bright, which he also directed. Ayer said he loved working with Netflix, while seemingly slamming Suicide Squad, which underwent extensive retooling from Warner Bros. before it was released.

“This isn’t like some b******* PG-13 standard-issue studio movie, I mean, this is like, I was able to do my s*** here, right?” he said.  “I was able to really tell a f****** story, OK? I was able to, like, do my thing.”

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