American Airlines introduces new baggage alerts

Posted on: July 27th, 2017 by ABC News No Comments

American Airlines(NEW YORK) — Yet another airline has announced a system to help passengers track their baggage as they travel.

American Airlines introduced an alert system this week that would notify customers when they land if their luggage is delayed or already ready for pickup.

American will send customers three types of alerts — one for baggage that has arrived at the customer’s destination before they do, and two different alerts for late-arriving baggage. Some customers, “for example those with an international segment in their reservation,” may be instructed to see an agent at the Baggage Service Office, while others may be instructed to fill out a Mobile Baggage Order.

The system, as described, seems less detailed than Delta’s RFID luggage tags, which allow passengers to track their baggage as they are transported around the airfield and loaded onto the plane. American’s version seems most likely to help customers whose baggage gets lost or re-routed.

The alerts will be offered through the American Airlines app, via their AAdvantage account, or by providing contact information during booking or check-in.

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