‘The Lost Boys’ turns 30

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(L-R) Brooke McCarter, Billy Wirth, Kiefer Sutherland, Jami Gertz and Alex Winter in “The Lost Boys”; Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images(NEW YORK) — Monday marks the 30th anniversary of The Lost Boys, the stylish 1987 horror comedy film that reinvigorated the vampire genre for a new generation, making them young and sexy, and paving the way for books and films like the Twilight series, and TV’s Buffy the Vampire Slayer, True Blood and The Vampire Diaries.

According to IndieWire, The Lost Boys began as a Goonies-esque kid adventure, but under the direction of then largely unknown Joel Schumacher, the movie took its darker, R-rated turn. 

The film centers brothers Michael and Sam Emerson, played by Jason Patric and the late Corey Haim, respectively, who move to fictional, sleepy beach town of Santa Carla, California with their just-divorced mom and shack up with their oddball taxidermist grandpa.

Older brother Michael falls for a girl named Star, played by Jamie Gertz, who’s attached to Kiefer Sutherland’s David.  He invites Michael into his group of unusual friends and, after a bizarre initiation, Michael unwittingly becomes one of them — a vampire.  

Meanwhile, Sam meets Corey Feldman’s Edgar Frog, who manages a comic store with his brother, Alan.  But it’s only a “cover” for their true calling: hunting Santa Carla’s vampires. 

Michael must try to save himself from his bloodsucking fate while also freeing Star from hers, while Sam and the Frog brothers try to put an end to David’s murderous band.

The Lost Boys also boasted a hit soundtrack featuring INXS, Echo & The Bunnymen, The Who’s Roger Daltrey, Foreigner’s Lou Gramm and others.

The Lost Boys was both a financial and critical success, and has since become a bit of a cult classic. Though a planned theatrical sequel starring Sutherland didn’t happen, there were two forgettable, direct-to-video sequels, and even a few comic book sequels.

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