"Yes, he is": Taylor Swift defiant as Mueller’s attorney presents closing arguments

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(DENVER) — In a Denver court Monday, former deejay David Mueller’s attorney insisted there’s no way he could’ve groped Taylor Swift, while the singer silently insisted he did just that.

Mueller is suing Taylor Swift’s mother, Andrea Swift, and Taylor’s manager for allegedly getting him fired after Taylor accused him of grabbing her butt during a 2013 backstage meet-and-greet, which he denies he did. He was suing Taylor for the same reason, but the judge threw out that part of the case Friday. Taylor’s counter-suing for assault and battery.

During attorney Gabe McFarland’s closing arguments, he insisted Mueller wouldn’t have jeopardized his “dream job” at a Denver station by touching the butt of someone as famous as Taylor, noting “That’s not the kind of guy who grabs a superstar out of the blue.”

McFarland also said that in the photo of Taylor, Mueller and Mueller’s then-girlfriend that shows the alleged groping, there’s no way Mueller is reaching under Taylor’s skirt.  But in the courtroom, Taylor silently mouthed, “Yes, he is.”  Taylor also repeatedly rolled her eyes and sighed during McFarland’s statements.

McFarland referenced Taylor’s face in the photo, saying, “Look at Ms. Swift’s face. Is that the face of someone who just had a strange man grab their butt?”   He also said that the photographer who took the picture couldn’t have seen anything, but is saying she did because she worked for Taylor. 

In addition, McFarland claimed Taylor’s bodyguard took no action during the alleged incident because he didn’t see anything amiss.  Taylor shook her head “no” at that assertion.

McFarland said the jury should award Mueller $250,000 in damages, even though the judge ruled last week that he cannot receive damages for future earnings, only for the remainder of his contract at the time he was fired.

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