Start your binging: Marvel’s "The Defenders" now streaming on Netflix

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Netflix/Sarah Shatz(NEW YORK) — Charlie Cox’s blind attorney/ninja Daredevil;Mike Colter’s unbreakable Luke Cage; Krysten Ritter’s hard-hitting, hard-drinking Jessica Jones; and Finn Jones’ indestructible Iron Fist team up in Netflix’s The Defenders, which is now available for streaming.

The show unites all of Marvel’s “Hell’s Kitchen Heroes” for the first time. The unlikely is team forced together when a series of clues they individually follow lead them to discover that New York City is in the crosshairs of a mysterious figure played with chilling ease by Sigourney Weaver. “She has a very formidable presence,” Jones tells ABC Radio about the Alien series veteran. “…[I]t just elevates the show by having her on it.”

Much of the fun of the show is in watching these jagged puzzle pieces of characters trying to fit together. When they’re not busting through walls, they’re often busting each other’s chops: Ritter’s ever eye-rolling Jessica Jones pokes fun at Daredevil’s costume, and she refers to “hero” as “the H-word.” Colter’s Cage has at “skinny white boy” Iron Fist’s glowing mitt and his alter-ego Danny Rand’s vast bank account.

“We almost felt like fanboys by the time we got to The Defenders,” Cox admitted, “and we were real excited to see … what the relationships would be like…I think…what the fans are really going to respond to is the scenes where the four of us are in the same room, kinda just shooting the s***, you know?”

Jones is also a veteran of Game of Thrones, though he already met his end as Loras Tyrell, The Knight of Flowers. He noted, “The difference between Thrones and something like this is the Marvel fanbase is incredibly loyal…people are incredibly…enthusiastic about the show…It’s wonderful to be a part of it.” 

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