"Bachelor in Paradise" recap: Matt says "goodbye" to Paradise, and a new bachelor takes over

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ABC(LOS ANGELES) — On Monday night’s Bachelor in Paradise, Matt mades a sudden departure, and a new bachelor was added to the mix.

Christen Whitney, from Nick Viall’s season arrived and immediately set her sights on Matt. Jasmine, who gave her rose to Matt last week, told Christen – a virgin — that he was off limits. Later, she had a private conversation with Matt. When she asked if Matt was committed to Jasmine, he replied that he didn’t want to be tied down to one person. Christen, tearfully insisted to the other ladies that she didn’t want to hurt Jasmine, but asked Matt on a date anyway, and he accepted.

After Matt broke the news to Jasmine, she confronted Christen, telling her to have fun, before describing her to the camera as “a slimy snake.”

On their date, Matt and Christen made a connection while talking at a beachside bar, then went for a swim and kissed passionately. A livid Jasmine, meanwhile, plotted her revenge against Christen, which included making out with Matt in front of her.

Towards the end of the episode, Matt told Christen that she couldn’t count on a rose from him. Then, after revealing to Jasmine that he wasn’t ready to commit to her or anybody, he dropped a bombshell, telling her that he decided to go home. That left both Jasmine and Christen scrambling for the few roses still up for grabs.

The two bachelorettes wasted no time moving in on Jack Stone, with Christen appearing to have the edge, as the two were seen making out.

Next, the love triangle between Sarah, Raven and Adam got complicated when Sarah told Adam point blank that she refuses to be someone’s “second best” and he admitted that he still didn’t know what he wanted from his Paradise experience. Before the rose ceremony Raven asked Adam for reassurance about their relationship and walked away feeling like she would get his rose. As the two frolicked on the beach, Sarah interrupted with an ultimatum for Adam: It was either her or Raven. He told Sarah the connection they had was authentic.

More trouble in Paradise ensued when Derek and Taylor had their first fight after she expressed her discomfort over his inability to cope with her “annoyingness.” She wasn’t pleased when his responded “F*** you,” explaining that it triggered bad feelings about past relationships. She told the other ladies that she was contemplating leaving Paradise. He later apologized, and the two appeared to be back on track.

Elsewhere, Lacy confronted Diggy over him asking Dominique out on a date, less than an hour after finishing theirs. He pulled no punches, telling her that he was almost certain he wanted to give his rose to Dominique.

In another love triangle, Dean assured both Kristina and Danielle that they had the inside track, leaving both confident of getting his rose. Finally, Amanda was uncomfortable when Robby tried to take their relationship to the next level. After another awkward encounter, Amanda finally decided to “just go for it,” and the two slipped into a long kiss.

The episode ended with a cliffhanger, as host Chris Harrison added another bachelor — Daniel — to the mix, giving the women another chance at scoring a rose.

Bachelor in Paradise returns Tuesday night at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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