‘Bachelor in Paradise’ recap: Daniel and the "Tickle Monster" return, as Corrinne speaks

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ABC(NEW YORK) — On Tuesday’s episode of Bachelor in Paradise, Lacey was excited at the return of Daniel, though both Christen and Jasmine set their sights on the Canadian bachelor as well. Though he considered all three girls, Daniel ultimately gave his rose to Lacey.

Matt made a surprise appearance at the rose ceremony, coming back just long enough to give his rose to Jasmine, who was less than thrilled with the gesture that kept her on the show.

Jack gave his rose to Christen, though things were about to get infinitely more complicated, with the arrival of “Tickle Monster” Jonathan. Sarah and Alexis were sent home.

After being awakened by a loud band of Mexican wrestlers, Daniel got a date card. Though he continued to explore his possibilities, he stuck with Lacey and the two donned capes and fighting masks and stepped into the ring to fight. Things got even more intimate as the night progressed, though Jasmine showed up and brought things to a halt, stealing Daniel away.  

“Tickle Monster” Jonathan got a date card as well, and wasted no time planting one on Christen and whisking her away for a romantic meal. As Jack grew increasingly insecure, the kissing continued. Once the two returned to the group, Jack immediately stole Christen away, making it a point to try to solidify their bond and kiss her right in front of Jonathan.

Even though Dean and Kristina woke up together after the rose ceremony, Dean continued to hurt Kristina’s feelings with his continued interest in Danielle L. As the episode came to a close, Kristina was in tears, while Dean frolicked in the pool with D-Lo.  

Finally, on a special studio episode of the show, host Chris Harrison talked with Corrinne about the incident with DeMario that caused production to be shut down for two weeks. During the candid conversation, Corrinne revealed her behavior had been fueled by the accidental interaction of prescription drugs and too much alcohol. In the end, she went so far as to say she didn’t believe DeMario did anything wrong.

Find out what happens next, when Bachelor in Paradise returns next Monday and Tuesday at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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