Harrison Ford on his on-set scrap with Ryan Gosling: "He walked into my fist"

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Warner Bros./Stephen Vaughan(NEW YORK) — Yes, Harrison Ford punched Ryan Gosling on the set of their new futuristic film Blade Runner 2049. However, the veteran actor wants everyone to know it was an accident. 

“He walked into my fist,” Ford told People about the stunt gone wrong. The 75-year-old actor added, “My hand was slightly injured, but I didn’t hold it against him.”

Ford also explained what it was like working with one of the most famous of the next generation of leading men.

“I thought it was odd that he insisted on being called ‘Mr. Gosling,’ but I got over it,” Ford joked about the La La Land star. He added of Gosling, “He’s a great pleasure to work with.”

In Blade Runner 2049, Ford reprises his role from original 1982 Ridley Scott movie: he’s Rick Deckard, an android-hunting detective.  He teams up with Gosling’s character, who has Deckard’s old job.

Ford explained he had to re-watch the  Ridley Scott’s 1982 original as preparation for the sequel.  He joked that he was surprised at “how young and good-looking I was.”

He added, “I thought the film held up very well and… I was reminded of how prescient it was, in terms of foreshadowing some of the circumstances of our lives that we now face.”

Blade Runner 2049 opens Oct. 6.

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