"Jerry Before Seinfeld" trailer takes viewers back to comedian’s roots

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Netflix – 2017Jerry Seinfeld is returning to standup comedy for a new Netflix special, Jerry Before Seinfeld, and on Tuesday the streaming service released the special’s first trailer.

The show features not only Seinfeld in performance at The Comic Strip, but also Jerry looking back at his upbringing and his early years in comedy.  In the trailer, Seinfeld, standing in front of his middle-class childhood home in suburban Long Island, New York, compares his childhood to that of comic legend Richard Pryor.

“Would I have been funnier if I grew up in Peoria in a whorehouse raised by prostitutes? Absolutely,” he jokes. “But this is what I had to work with.”

Seinfeld also jokes about his “wild” childhood. “My parents, they didn’t even know our names.  They were ignorant. They were negligent,” he says. “We grew up like wild dogs in the sixties — no helmets, no seat belts, no restraints.”

Jerry also recalls “coming out” to his parent as a comedian. “It was like my little gay, closet moment,” he jokes. “Mom, dad, I dunno how to tell you this but I’m a funny person.” 

Jerry Before Seinfeld, which also features the comic recalling old jokes, premieres on Netflix on September 19.

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