Alleged threat made at Morgan Township School

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Tuesday night, Porter County Sheriff’s Officers were contacted by the East Porter County School’s Resource Officer about a threat that was overheard after an extra-curricular event at Morgan Township School earlier that night. The alleged threat that was overheard, was made by a 15 year old male: “No one should go to school tomorrow if they don’t want to get shot.” The school Principal was contacted by a concerned parent who was informed by her child. The Principal in turned contacted their School Resource Officer, Kouts Police Sgt. Miller. Upon hearing the details, Sgt. Miller immediately contacted the Porter County Sheriff’s Office and requested we handle and investigate. The 15 year old male was quickly identified and contact was made with him and his parents at their residence. All parties involved were very cooperative and confirmed no threat was made. Porter County Sheriff’s Officers made an extra presence at the school, in the event parents were arriving concerned.

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