Michigan City code enforcement sweep set for Sept. 13th and 14th

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The City of Michigan City will conduct a code enforcement sweep on Wednesday, September 13th and Thursday, September 14th. This code enforcement sweep will focus on an area bound by Michigan Boulevard on the south, 8th Street on the west, Carroll Avenue on the east and Springland Avenue on the north. The Canada neighborhood, north to US Highway 12 will also be included. Issues such as: overgrown properties, vacant and abandoned houses, abandoned and unregistered vehicles, dilapidated houses and garages, Inadequate Animal housing and care, and any other identifiable safety hazards which could negatively affect the city and its citizens will be addressed. The Michigan City Police Department and the City of Michigan City inspectors will be issuing warnings and citations for code violations. The Michigan City Fire Department will also be available in a city wide manner to assist any elderly or disabled persons with the installation or checking of their smoke detectors. For support, call the Michigan City Fire Department at: 219-873-1440. Citizens are urged to take a proactive approach to address and fix any possible violations before the code enforcement sweep occurs in your area.

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Carlson\'s Drive In Michigan City
Carlson\'s Drive In Michigan City