Las Vegas shooting eyewitness: ‘It sounded like a thousand shots’

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David Becker/Getty Images(LAS VEGAS) When gunfire broke out on the Las Vegas strip late Sunday night, Michelle Leonard was in a booth near the main entrance of a concert that was taking place across the street from the Mandalay Bay Casino.

“It sounded like a thousand shots,” Leonard, a vendor, told ABC News in a tearful phone interview on Monday. The shooting just “kept going nonstop.”

Leonard said “mass confusion” unfolded as people tried to flee the venue. She said her friend stepped over several dead people as they tried to flee the “scary” scene.

“I turned around and I looked and people just started running,” she said. “People were just running and falling and screaming,” she said, adding that it seemed as if the shooting lasted for than a minute.

“It sounded like maybe 16 to 20 rounds,” Leonard said. “I had no idea of where it was coming from or where to run to.”

Leonard was one of the throngs of people who were on the strip as gunfire erupted, killing more than 20 people and injuring more than 100. The bursts of what one witness described as “non-stop gunfire” sent people running for their lives and sparked confusion.

Another witness, Vincent Sager, said he mistook the shots for “fireworks,” quickly realized that they they were gunshots when he saw “someone run by me in blood,” he said in an Instagram post.

Social media video showed witnesses as they scrambled to flee the scene as shots rang out. Some people were seen crouching on the ground, stumbling over each other, as others attempted to run.

Another witness said that the concert venue felt like a “kill box” because it was so hard for people to get out.

As bursts of gunfire crackled in the air, people outside of the casino ducked and screamed.

“We’re going to get trampled if we don’t go,” a bystander could be heard saying in a dramatic video of the incident. Some believed the shots were “fireworks.”

Another witness, Jake Freeman, said he was standing on a nearby hotel rooftop when the shooting broke out.

“I had a bird’s-eye view” of the shooting Freeman said in a phone interview with ABC News. He said he saw ‘crowds of people running” as people “dropped to the ground.”

“At the moment we didn’t realized that they were being shot,” he said.

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