"The Mayor" star Brandon Micheal Hall “would ban guns” if elected in real life

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ABC(NEW YORK) — Brandon Micheal Hall plays a rapper-turned-unlikely politician on the new comedy series The Mayor, which premiered on ABC Tuesday night.

His character, Courtney Rose, initially runs for office as a publicity stunt to get more people to listen to his mixtape. But he ends up winning the election, and has to brush up on public policy pretty quickly.

If Hall were in a similar position as his character, though, he knows exactly what issues he’d tackle first.

“I would ban guns,” he tells ABC Radio. “That would be my first decree. After what just happened in Las Vegas and in previous instances, that would be my first thing I would ban out of this country.”

Hall adds, “And my second one that I have to throw in there would be education. To give funding to arts education programs.”

Speaking of education, Hall says there are some real-life lessons to be learned amidst the sitcom’s humor.

“What this show teaches us is that no matter who you are and no matter what dream that you have, that if you pursue it and you’re constant and you’re passionate about that dream, you can go out and get it,” he says. 

The Mayor airs Tuesday nights at 9:30 ET on ABC.

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