Jordan Peele responds to your "Get Out" fan theories

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ABC/Randy HolmesJordan Peele is taking time to address some of the conspiracy theories surrounding his critically acclaimed film, Get Out.

In an interview with Vanity Fair, Peele breaks down some fans theories that were pulled from Reddit, including one in which a fan asks if Get Out was an imagined scenario of Rod the TSA agent.

“I love this theory, [but] it’s a hundred percent false,” Peele says.  “Get Out is not some kind of daydream fantasy of Rod the TSA character. It really happened.  That f*****-up brain surgery stuff really did happen.”

Another user purposed: “I just realized that the reason the groundskeeper (grandpa) runs so much is because the grandpa wanted to have a fast, black body because he lost to Jesse Owens.”

“That’s right,” Peele says, acknowledging the theory is true. “I always had this idea that Grandpa, who’s in Walter’s body, is running because he’s trying to beat Jesse’s time.”

Another fan suggested that the reason Rose, the character played by Allison Williams, ate Froot Loops and milk separately in the film was because she didn’t want to mix the colors. Peele says the theory’s insightful, but not quite accurate.

“The Froot Loops and the milk are definitely representative of a colorful food and a white food, but it’s just more of that she’s a really twisted girl who’s got this sort of method,” says Peele.

You can watch all of Peele’s responses to Get Out‘s conspiracy theories now on YouTube.


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